One must Choose a Path with Heart

"Why we chose to study Merpati Putih and help bring it to the Americas"

My name is Nate Zeleznick. My brother Mike and I have chosen/been selected to introduce one of the world's most powerful martial/spiritual practices to the Western Hemisphere for the benefit of humanity.

The name of this art is

which means
"To Seek and to Find that which is Right,
Doing in Silence"

"What is so unique about this art?"

INNER POWER...Self-Discovery...Self-Mastery...Internal Healing...Inner Peace...Energy Awareness...Incredibly effective Rehabilitation for the Blind...

In July, 1998 we ordered an Inner Power course from a martial arts magazine, which contained some crazy yoga-like positions and breathing techniques that were claimed to produce amazing amounts of inner power, or Ch'i.

Along with this course came a video which showed Indonesian martial artists doing the most amazing things we'd ever seen. One group in particular stood out above the rest. They had black pants, white shirts with a red pentagon about the neck and red belts. They were breaking multiple steel bars with their hands, heads, feet as well as over many parts of their body, seemingly without injury.

The most impressive and intriguing part was when we saw people that were blindfolded racing through obstacle courses, sometimes walking backwards, then breaking clay pots, steel bars and huge stacks of conrete bricks.

"Why we contacted Merpati Putih"

As it turns out, it can help, it does help, and has been in use in Indonesia for almost a decade.

After contacting the Merpati Putih Foundation in October, we started working together on plans to bring a team of Vibravision practitioners here to Utah to perform demonstrations and hopefully prove the validity of this method in helping people that Western Science and Medicine can't help at this time. After much planning and close to a year of hard work we were able to help a team visit Utah in August of 1999.

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Taking the next step
Throughout our previous dealings with the Merpati Putih representatives, we had not talked about us being able to learn this wonderful art. As NO American person had ever been trained, we were sure that we would would only be allowed to work for Merpati Putih as employees, not as student employees. How wrong we were. The story continues in the 'About' page.......

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"To Seek and to Find that which is Right, Doing in Silence"